Journalist Cinar shared the details of President Biden's visit to Florida on Bloomberg HT Television

A Bloomberg HT journalist Ali Cinar explained the latest situation with Hurricane Ian in Florida on Bloomberg HT.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 8, 2022 / — Journalist Ali Cinar said that before President Biden and his wife Jill Biden visited Fort Myers, which was most affected by Hurricane Ian, the president first inspected the damage caused by the hurricane from the air.
Florida Governor DeSantis welcomed President Biden and the First Lady. Speaking to hurricane victims, President Biden said, ‘We have only one job today, to give the people of Florida the help they need to get through this hurricane.’ Pointing out that federal personnel are doing their best to deliver every aid to hurricane victims, President Biden said they will stand by the people of Florida at every step.
Nearly 100 people lost their lives in the hurricane. President Biden declared a state of emergency and ordered aid from the federal budget to the state. It is stated that the cost of the hurricane to the province will be more than $70 billion, and it will cause severe damage to the tourism sector.
Hurricane Ian, which hit the south coast of the USA on September 28 with a category 4 intensity, turned into a tropical rainstorm that affected the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia after hitting the state of South Carolina on September 29.
While search-and-rescue efforts continue among the debris caused by the hurricane, it is feared that the death toll may increase. Hurricane waves up to 12 feet high inundated parts of Florida’s west coast, destroyed homes and businesses, and caused extensive damage. River flooding and occasional flooding are expected to continue in Florida.